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Levitra must be taken as required, about one hour before the sexual activity. Some type of the sexual stimulation is required for erection to happen with Vardenafil. Vardenafil must not be actually taken one or more time every day. Allow 24hours to pass around the doses.


  • -Levitra is taken with food, whereas Viagra must be taken on the empty stomach;
  • -Levitra will act in sixteen minutes when compared to 30 - 60 minutes for the Viagra;
  • -Levitra will last long as conducted in clinical trials when compared to the Viagra;
  • -Levitra has got no adverse effects on vision or heart. Viagra is actually known to need monitoring for the side effects;
  • -Suggested time to take before having sex is 25 - 45 minutes;
  • -Works for six hours;
  • -Levitra has very less side effects when compared to the Viagra as well as lasts around same time as the Viagra in body.
  • -With Levitra, you will not have to restrict on food and alcohol. Romantic dinners are now no longer out of question;