Tadalafil 20mg

MANUFACTURER: Vipro Life Science
DOSAGES: 20 mg;

PACKAGING: Blister pack of 10 pills

V-Tada Super 20 mg - Tadalafil

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Stop Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction with V-Tada Super (Tadalafil Super Active)

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How I must use the medicine? Take whole sachet orally and you can take the medicine with and without the meals. Dose is generally taken 20 - 30 minutes before having any sexual activity. You must not take the dose twice or more every day. Don’t take the medicine more often than it is directed by your doctor.

Overdosage: In case, you think that you have taken a lot of the medicine contact the poison control center and emergency room immediately.

NOTE: The medicine is just for you. Don’t share medicine with others.